Sommer Winter

Zillertal in the Old Fever Summer

Zillertal in the Old Fever Summer

… with the Gliders on Tour! After the usual back and forth in the appointment, without which this travel group would not be the same, it went almost to the last imprint into the beautiful Zillertal. Almost at the beginning of October, in the middle of the old-fashioned summer. A not exactly flattering term for the golden season of high-speed walking, admittedly. But this was more than made up for by the harrowing youthfulness of the participants and the bright sunshine. In keeping with the fantastic weather, I came up with a very special round for the ”Gletschetten”. After our last year’s adventures, I was of course aware of the performance and suffering ability of the women’s round (and Sebastian) and set the goals up. In Puncto preparation, therefore, everything was done right for me, although I cannot say that from the other person. Last year’s much-vaunted ”Erdbeerlimes” (Hää?) was actually forgotten in the Munich homeland, which Again I can’t forget so quickly. Well, be that, not the first time I’ve been left in the rain by the promises of the ladies’ world. All hope rests on next year. Mountaineering went over the Floitental to the Greizer Hut and from there the next day over wild and awayless, barely marked climb at the big spoonbill past in the direction of Schwarzenstein. We went through loose rock slabs and boulders until we finally reached the glacier, which was bare and jagged at the time of the year. With crampons on frozen things we went through the crevice zone much more relaxed and soon we reached the saddle below the summit, where the first rays of sunshine greeted us. The following exciting firn flank once again drove the sweat beads on our foreheads and the adrenaline into our blood before we reached the large summit plateau. From here it was only a stone’s throw to the beautiful lookout peak, in the middle of the Zillertalern. After a long but beautiful descent, we finally reached the Berliner Hütte in the evening, where the ladies put their steamy feet with a loud hiss into the icy Glacier water could dive – no wonder after almost 10 hours on the legs. The evening relaxation UN session in the venerable halls of the Berliner Hütte was only clouded by a small incident. In an act of sheer malice, Kathrin had simply grabbed the adilets of a (quote) ”victim” (quotation end). But he did not let this happen with him and searched the whole hut for his treasures. But after a little discussion with the robber, the waves quickly smoothed out and we were able to go to bed calmly. The next day had another big goal, namely the ”Unclimbable”, the Zigmondyspitze ready for us. But there was less of a problem than a downthere. The descent over the ”Gunggl” is a whopping 2100 metres in altitude. But the day wants to be taken advantage of and so we reached tired but happy after this dreamy lap around 1800 our car in Ginzling. A great high-speed tour came to an end, which is hardly to be surpassed in variety. For the next year I hope to keep the ”Rumtopfpromise” and look forward to the next trip with the gliders! Andi

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