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VacanSKI Lyngen – This is how WINNING is done!

VacanSKI Lyngen - This is how WINNING is done!

We all feel like winners who visited the famous Lyngen Alps last week with this tour group in the far north of Norway. Weather, snow, community and unplanned combined in a way that is rarely the case. A quick guide this should be now for a trip that you probably won’t have SO again soon.

PETRUS Whoever travels to the treeless Arctic knows at the latest after the first storm how much contrasts are worth. The much-quoted white-out was probably invented there, after all, you don’t see your hand in front of your eyes in the event of a sour weather. Therefore, one or the other hour of sunshine is quite advantageous and has a direct effect on the overall experience. As we noted especially on day 2, isotropic visibility conditions are unfavorable to determine the fall line. Nevertheless, we were able to thread into the rewarding downhill variant with a little trust in God. From then on, we always ate a good meal at dinner and Peter was literally comfortable with us!

TERRAIN When the curtain was lifted on day 3, we first became aware of what we had really travelled here for. Incredible contrasts between steep mountain flanks and shallow dark sea leave you in sheer admiration. Postcard motifs in all directions. Even the most untalented photographer will bring together photos in this environment that will only get boring after Slide No. 150 … the whole thing then paired with ”shreddable” terrain, which offers skiing for all skill levels. Ski tourists, what more do you want? Team… simple: not to be on the road alone. Someone has to hold the Gopro. And that wasn’t just any people this time. A good mix of ski touring veterans, rookies, noble-walkers and steep-walled riders ultimately made this trip something very special. ”Like-Minded-People” is what the Americans call this, ”a stoake troupe” of the Pinzgauer. Even if fate didn’t mean too well with some and, for example, always let the coffee go out before the A.B. wanted to start … or others (Sm**** M.) were not to be dissuaded from an “ego trip” to buy dishwasher tabbs – the mood remained undisturbed.

SUPPORT The ”Icing on the Cake” was then our small lodge in Rotsund (Vilt), which scored with its generosity and perfect location … Not least, but also through their warm landlord Oysten the oyster samed. Rarely do you meet such strenuous and sociable northerners – and I mean ”sociable” in the sense of a letter of recommendation. All in all, it was the combination of these ingredients that made this ski tour more than just the sum of its components. Many thanks at this point again to the motivated teammates and I am looking forward to a new edition in 2018! If you are also in the mood for an adventure ”North of Amazing”, then contact us for more information!

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