Sommer Winter

Training makes Perfect!

Training makes Perfect!

Training makes Perfect! – An old principle is that extensive practice makes the Master. So the Canadian helicopter skiers hold it and called me to the annual Stelldichein in the Columbia Valley.In the flagship lodge of CMH, in the Monashees, located directly on the water of Mica Creek, about 60 people came to the CMH Guides training and discussed all sorts of subject-specific issues. Strategies were critically eyed and accidents of the past years and seasons were analyzed. The ultimate goal is to learn from mistakes made and to strengthen the entire team. In addition to various indoor sessions, however, thank Fully, we finally went out to put at least a bit of the noses and glide woods in the snow. Despite a very leisurely start to the winter, things have more than recovered. We found great conditions, the powder dusted and the anticipation for the season increased and rose. However, we could not confine ourselves to simply ploughing the field. All american was also on the agenda to play through various contingency plans and rescue scenarios in order to be prepared in case of the case. Almost 14 days and several thousand flight and bus kilometres later, I now sit at home on the oven bench again and, like all of us, struggle with the tough start to winter. But soon we start again, my battered eco-karma is completely smashed, I get back on the plane and off we go towards Powder-Paradise! If you don’t have a Christmas present for yourself, I would warmly recommend it. BALSAM FOR THE SEELE! YIHA, TAKE FLIGHT, Beautiful ChristmasAndi

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