Sommer Winter

Training 2.0

Training 2.0

As a mountain guide, it is well known that you and your guests are exposed to a certain risk from time to time. In order for this risk to be or remain reasonably calculable, one must always sharpen one’s senses a little. If one indulges in its lethargy and supposed omniscience, the human brain withers just like the forearm lard built up over long hours in the climbing hall.

CMH – my employer this winter – sees it the same way. That’s why I went on an interesting training trip to faraway British Columbia in mid-December. There we dealt with all sorts of safety-relevant topics, from akia driving, over the (glacier) column mountains to beep searches.

The snow situation in Canada showed its lush side and so there was time between inside for one or the other enjoyable swing. Here is a little holiday video with the impressions of my ski week in the stranger.

After a tightly packed program, i jetted back home after 10 days, of course – in the spirit of Mother Nature – by public transport. More specifically, with a bus, Airbus.

Considering the snow situation in this country, my waddles are now looking forward to the start of the season in the Rockies. Those who have similar thoughts or only interest are encouraged. Just report and I can send you some information.

With sporting greetings


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