Sommer Winter

The other day at dachstein….

The other day at dachstein....

Day 1:Arrival to Ramsau am Dachstein, Gasthof Feisterer, Zustieg Guttenberghaus, approx. 2.5 hours overnight in the Guttenberghaus.Day 2: Guttenberghaus – Seethaler Hütte (Dachsteinwarte), ideally via the Ramsau via ferrata A/B – C, length 4km, total of approx. 7 hours. Alternatively, several variants are possible on marked hiking trails (bypass of the climbing route). Overnight Seethaler Hut. Day 3: Seethaler Hütte – Adamek Hütte, the highlight of our week, the crossing of the Hohe Dachstein from O to W, approx. 3.5 hours. From the Scharte (Windluckn), descent over the Goßau Glacier to the Adamek hut, approx. 1.5 hrs, total at least 5 hrs, depending on the conditions and condition. Overnight Adamek Cottage. Day 4: Adamek Hut – Simonyhütte, glacier tour, ascent over the Gosau Glacier to the Steinerscharte and descent over the Hallstätter Glacier to the Simonyhütte, approx. 5-6 hours. Alternatively, several insured climbs in the rock are possible in this area. Overnight Simonyhütte. Day 5: Exceeding High Cross to Simonyscharte (climbing trails to D) and descent over the glacier back to the Simony Hut, total approx. 8 hours Day 6: Rest day, in the area of the Simonyhütte it will certainly not be boring, all players in the ice and in the rock are offered, according to preference and interest. Day 7: Ascent over the large Hallstätter glacier to the mountain station Hunerkogel, approx. 3 hours downhill by cable car and taxi back to the Feistererhof. For questions and information we are at your disposal. See you soon, Gerald Kreuzberger

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