Sommer Winter

The Arlberg – cradle of alpine skiing

The Arlberg - cradle of alpine skiing

From 13-19 January this year’s Alpine course of the Staaltichen Ski Instructor Training took place in St. Christoph am Arlberg. After the massive snowfalls of the first two weeks of January, nothing should stand in the way of a training. But as so often in life it happened differently this time, heavy snowfall made the journey to the odyssey and what followed was, just right, even more snow. This meant waiting for us, closed facilities and closed roads made St. Christoph a trap from which there was no escape. Need makes inventive and creative, so teaching content and theory units were preferred and 2 “downdays” bridged. Bad weather is usually followed by fair weather and what came next was absolute madness…. Three days of perfect weather gave us skiing enjoyment of the very finest. We rattled off almost all corners of the Arlberg. As usual after heavy snowfall, the situation quickly relaxed and after initial restraint was given a lot of gas. At the zenith of their skills, the aspiring state ski instructors impressed with perfect skiing technique and we were responsible for their safety. In these circumstances, teaching content could really be conveyed in a clear way. As always, this course passed far too quickly and what remains is gratitude for what has been experienced. A big thank you to my group for the excellent cooperation, thanks also to all colleagues for their collegiality, the cooperation in this team is really something special. Have fun in the powder and see you soon,Gerald

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