Sommer Winter

Teaching the next generation of freeriders and skinners

Teaching the next generation of freeriders and skinners

As is well known, December was more suitable for ice climbing than for freeriding or ski touring, so it is no wonder that the Alpine course of the SBSSV was cancelled in December and postponed to the second week of January. The decision proved to be the right one and the weather gods showed themselves gracious, powder, saukalt and a tense situation off the slopes. The best conditions for an interesting course! After initial reluctance, the picture of the conditions during the week became clearer due to the daily, newly collected information as well as the own observations in the terrain. And so we were able to enjoy dreamlike, sometimes steeper descents. Congratulations again to all graduates of this brilliant Kurses.Im November already we had the idea to do something for our youngsters. After a long back and forth the idea became more and more concrete and we contacted the New Middle School Kaprun and asked if they were not interested in a safety training avalanche for their sports classes, free of charge of course. The management was enthusiastic, after all we took our first steps away from the slopes even at the tender age of about 12 years. A SPECIAL PP lecture was created for the students, tailor-made, and after a theory unit we went off to the practice in the grounds. In 3 stations the LVS search, correct prowess and shovels as well as an initial care of an injured person were trained. Many thanks at this point to the director Herbert Kleber, the students, the alpine ski school Markus Hirnböck for providing the missing equipment as well as to the mountain rescue Fusch, who was also actively supported by the mountain rescuer Andreas Waltl. Last but not least, we were able to intensify our cooperation with HTL St. Pölten this winter. For 2 years we have been accompanying the school in the summer, at the only project of its kind, the “Adventure Mountain”. A week of mountain activities, beyond a traditional climbing course. For 3 days we introduced the students between the ages of 16 and 18 to the fascination of ski touring. In perfect weather and dusting powder, we gave you the necessary know-how to carry out simple ski tours. A complete success, which will continue next winter. Many thanks to all those involved! That’s it that’s all! A beautiful winter and see you soon,Gerald

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