Sommer Winter

Swiss National Sauna Team

Swiss National Sauna Team

Swiss National Sauna Team – When I received the request from Andreas, I wasn’t even aware of which high-profile person I should have to deal with later. But the fact that the Federal Tour Group is by no means amateurs, i quickly realized whether the emotional choice of the destination was. The 5 boys quickly threw their original plan to go to northern Italy when they saw the snow forecast in the Northern Alps. Suddenly It was clear to me: so much dynamic availability is only to be expected from professionals … and I was right.

Admittedly a bit stricken due to various mountain rescue missions at night and storm I finally hit the gang to get used to the Canada-esquen conditions first at the Schmittenhöhe. We had not yet experienced the sheer soillessness of the deep snow, at least in Europe. After some painful lessons due to the lack of speeds or found tree wells, the snowboarders of the group had also come to terms with the peculiarities of the snow situation.

After this first knock-off, it was clear that fitness and motivation would allow some things. Since the new snow growth in the following two days remained unfortunately only single digits, we concentrated on a few ski tours in the region. As we traced the high snow up to the hip, we scrambled towards the summit. Despite the high avalanche warning level, we found unconnected powder snow in the forest area and so safely ticked off two Pinzgau classic food. But a national team sauna is not accidental, of course.

In order to make the steel Swiss magnificent bodies fit for the next day, the Swiss people indulged every evening of their great passion, the apres sauna. Although – I suspect – the secret of their agility, I unashamedly rejected several invitations to the spectacle. Boundaries have to be drawn, although I personally would make exceptions for the Swedish women’s volleyball team.

The last day of our powder snow week finally culminated in the Home of Lässig. Saalbach showed itself to be a freeride Mecca par excellence. Incredible snow and an incredible amount of it. In addition, the complete omission of the competition …. Disappointment on our side. It was almost up to the six of us six to harvest the extremely low-hanging fruits of this constant north-westerly current … and we had mercy. After about 27000 laps on the 12s we went to Ham & Eggs with banana milk over to the western summit … only to find out that it is almost even better in the forest.

When we thought at about 15:30 in the afternoon to see a rainbow with a unicorn on the horizon, we decided to gratefully discuss what we had experienced with hop cold bowls. We never saw the sun all week, it snowed every day. The avalanche warning level was at least 4. Nevertheless, we were able to experience 5 safe touring and freeride days with clever route selection.

Thanks to the sauna team for the trust, motivation and media coverage (see below)! When all the ingredients and skills come together perfectly, a bag of potatoes becomes a fine Schwiiizer Röschti!

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