Sommer Winter



so far so good, what a summer just in time for the astronomical start of summer with June 22, the big weather situation in the Alps is changing. A so-called “fat” Azores high becomes weather-effective almost in the entire Alpine region and gives us all fantastic, for this time of year extraordinarily stable Bergwetter.In the next lines now follows a short summary, true to the TV motto “what so far has happened’. Have fun reading….. Almost taditionally, the climbing courses of the summer sports weeks ended with the beginning of July. At the same time, the high-speed season got off to a full start. Loyal FB – Fans were always kept up-to-date and followed us on the various tours across the Alps. Even the Dolomites were made unsafe by colleagues Bründl and Gassner, not climbing, but in the shady walls of the Cima Tosa and the Presanella the crampons and ice machines were set. The Western Alps, from Mont Blanc to the Bernese Oberland, with Mönch and Aletschhorn, were also crossed by the two. The high swells had to wait for me a little longer, first the SB – candidate training in the Mölltal was on the program. Ten days of Mölltal glaciers, for a summer course, perfect conditions and off piste, there was plenty of time to climb. There, surprisingly, similar to the Malta Valley, there are fine climbing gardens in the finest gneiss. I think the different areas on which the mountain guides Zell am See – Kaprun are active really testify to competence at all levels, rarely one finds 3 states. Marked. Mountain guide and state Marked. ski instructors as well as instructors in one team. Not only the Dolomites and western Alps, but of course also the Eastern Alps, from the Silvretta to the Ötztaler to the mountains at the door, the Tauern and the Dachstein massif, we were and will be on the road in the coming weeks. Whether for individual guided tours or for courses such as the Oberwalder Hütte with the DAV. If the weather plays along, the second half of the summer will certainly be nothing to do with the first. Until then, we wish you all the best and an accident-free, beautiful time in the mountains.Gerald, Andreas and Markus

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