Sommer Winter

Sport climbing at its best? Lower Austria has a lot to offer…..

Sport climbing at its best? Lower Austria has a lot to offer.....

All good things are, as you know, three! After last year’s forced break due to scheduling reasons, this year it was time again, the winter season is over and summer is just around the corner, time for our climbing short trip. After Slovenia, the Malta Valley, this time it is Lower Austria’s turn. In a tried-and-tested yet new constellation, we set out in search of the Celt lime…. On the recommendation of our mountain guide colleague Peter Groß, we visited the Adlitzgräben on the first day. Finding the climbing garden immediately presented the first challenge in terms of orientation to us and should cause us bigger problems like one or the other climbing route later. A dreamlike area, overhanging, holey and really beautiful routes. The polish did not bother either due to the cold temperatures. Our next destination should be the Hohe Wand, a 10 km long rock bar, south of Vienna. Standing in front of the wall, in some sectors a comparison with the Verdon in the south of France is obvious. Perfect, upwards and better limestone and heaps of climbing in all levels of difficulty. It would be a paradise for multi-rope climbing, if our equipment would not be in the car….. in hindsight, you’re always smarter. Our last stop is a small but fine climbing garden in Obertal. Another recommendation from our colleague, dream tours in the rough rock with perfect protection round off our last day. As always, time passes too fast and while you are read these lines, we are back home and are already making plans for our next climbing trip in the autumn.See you soon and all the best,Gerald

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