Sommer Winter

Snow Juchee Overseas

Snow Juchee Overseas

The sun is shining the snow is good
the ski world rests under the white,
this is the time to go for sliding wood
and you shall not spar with wax.

But the hair dryer blows like rarely times,
On the southern slope flowers in large numbers,
Then the time may be ripe
for a bigger change in life.

Maybe even to Canada
people are wonderful,
Even the mountains are high,
and sometimes it still snows.

Lift rides are welcome there,
but tickets are expensive to get first.
But do you really want to ride,
then you have to get into the heli.

He flies you where powder dusts
skiing takes your breath away.
Treeskiing at its very best
I love it, just forget the rest!

Sometimes, however, he doesn’t like it at all.
It’s just not the right day.
The fog is looking you horribly home,
then you have time for a rhyme.

The bottom line is that there is no force,
the skiing of its equal.
The grin from ear to ear juhu!
This is what it looks like here at CMH K2.

Lots of spas!


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