Sommer Winter

Small but fine. A climbing trip….

Small but fine. A climbing trip....

After a long back and forth, all the appointmentsuggestions and the considerations for the destination, it was finally clear: this year’s Hawararoas does not take place in the traditional form! Our ideas were too different. From my point of view, staying at home was definitely out of the question, thank God Andi shared my attitude. The early date suited us both best, the climbing guides for the neighbouring countries Slovenia and Croatia lent us our colleague Markus Mitterer and we started! Two of them a week of climbing, snuffing, drinking beer and sleeping in Andis Caddy (head oscht Fuaß oscht). A men’s holiday! After 2 days of climbing around Bled, we use the only bad day of the week for shopping in Trieste. Buying climbing shoes, for young and old, was on the program. Andi put his performance on the shoes and my son should get a nice holiday gift. Fortunately, Trieste is on its way to our next destination: Croatia, for both of us a white spot on the climbing map. During the drive towards Buzet we could already guess it: Rock everywhere, certainly awesome for climbing! And because of the weather, the perfect decision.Kompanj, the name of the area recommended to us kept what we were promised. Steep, compact rock. Permeated by sintering, the comparison with Siurana in Spain was forced. Several sectors, in all levels of difficulty, made our climbing heart beat faster. Interesting detail on the edge, the climbing area was “discovered” and furnished by Austrian climbers. After more days of climbing, our skin was through, the muckis hurt, the beer supply was drawing to a close and so it was time to say goodbye again. As always, this climbing was over far too quickly….. A beautiful autumn and see you soon,Gerald

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