Sommer Winter

Secret tip: Lake Garda at Pentecost!

Secret tip: Lake Garda at Pentecost!

Right in advance – we weren’t the only ones. As every year, true hordes invade the tranquil towns of Riva, Torbole and Arco to enjoy the extended spring weekends of cappuccino and pizza. What so many people like must be correct from a statistical point of view alone. And so we were again this year with the Partie.Am first morning I immediately realized that I can safely let the climbing equipment for this trip be stowed deep in the car. If you get the first sweat beads out when drinking a cafe in the morning, then it’s rather vinegar with extensive sport climbing. The alternative was already well lubricated on the wheel carrier and was just waiting for the famous Lake Garda-Rütteltrails. But even these were not for nothing, but had to be earned with laborious cranks in the midday heat. But what are 1200 meters of altitude up to Santa Barbara, when a super Ristorante with all sorts of Italian treats is waiting at the top? You like to do it. Downhill we went partly over the famous Anaconda Trail, partly over apparently forbidden hiking trails (bschhht!) down to the village of Nago, where we had to beat the grin out of our face. The next few days were finally peppered with unending trails over loose gravel, loose gravel, coarse gravel and coarse gravel – just as it is in the Mecca of mountain biking. But we also found again and again some ”flowiger” passages, in which humans and sports equipment were moved a little less at the limit. Due to the extremely poor preparation, however, we had to give our very best a little break on the third day. According to the weather, we climbed the via ferrata through the Drena Gorge, which scored with pleasantly cool temperatures and proximity to the water. A great tip on hot days, but due to the Jurassic Park-like landscape definitely always worth a visit. I would rather remain silent about the compulsory visits to the Wind’s Bar in Torbole. Probably the reader knows someone who was also there at Pentecost anyway. So much for that, lots of fun

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