Sommer Winter

Rod training in a different way

Rod training in a different way

… On the way with the ski club Jochberg – The ski club Jochberg near Kitzbühel treats its young members during the Christmas season a perfect age-native program to Playstation and Wii. Deep snow skiing or freeriding, as it is called in New German, was at the top of the wish list of the young savages. And so we moved out to order the Kitzbühler field. PiepssucheHowever the start of the whole on December 26th everything else went like lubricated. The strong Südföhn let us dodge to the Hahnenkamm, where at least the ascent aids were in operation. The precarious snow situation and the mass rush of the beautiful and rich in Kitz allowed the first day to pass with a little beep search and moderately enjoyable descents. But the next few days were over with a cosy time: the weather gods were holding us and gave us a new portion of white gold again and again. The motivation exploded and the slopes and forests around the Bärenbadkogel and the 2000s were put through their paces – as shady as we could in the partly sparingly covered, naturally grown pole forest. finally a little ski tour on the last day: Tired of the legs of 4 days (8:30-15:30!!) hard skiing, we dragged ourselves towards Blue Lacke to trace this powder snow classic of the ski area. An absolute privilege and worthy conclusion of this week, in which I also rode as much skiing as I haven’t done in a long time. This is how it can go on … GreetingsAndi

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