Sommer Winter

Rauriser Backcountry

Rauriser Backcountry

Hidden playground in the Raurisertal – After two hard freeride days in St. Jakob and Matrei I really only wanted one thing: to store my legs high. But the weather god – unhappy as he is – continued to delight us with sunshine, and at the right height and exposure with sensational Pulverschnee.So I briefly browsed my clever book and soon found it. The Wolfbach valley between Fusch and Rauris, which is very remote for our country, seemed very promising to me. Rarely did the term ‘backcountry” seem as appropriate to me as in this case, since this high valley can only be reached by honest tal-hadsering. In our case, we did not take this very seriously with the honesty and tried the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen, which immediately took us to the stately height of 2200 m. Short pushing and first 600 m descent: This is how a ski tour has to start. On a beautiful alpine pasture we fell up, spat across this remote playground past alpine pastures and streams up towards our next destination. The pristine slopes and lush snow heights made us gently snap our tongues, knowing that no one can take that away from us today. Quickly reached our desired stage goal and waved again from 2200 m to 1600, east side, a little kissed by the wind, but still an absolute treat. But we didn’t give up so quickly. Skins back on it and up again, this time a little out of the valley. According to the map, a north-sided back waited to round off the day a little. So we climbed again quickly 400 hm on the direction of Tristenkogel to then drive a good 600 hm in the finest virgin powder to the Schreckalm. Unfortunately, we weren’t at our second parked car, but at the end of the awkwardly long valley mentioned at the beginning. Immediately an Ole Einar Björndalen, we pushed a few kilometers out with double-decker strokes until all our sins had been served and we finally arrived at the tactically cleverly parked car. Conclusion: A great ski tour in a really remote ambience, really little done, but this should not be a disadvantage. A fantastic choice on this day. The perfect altitude, little wind influence, very north-facing: everything done right. To recommend who, who does not shy away from the one or the other time on, and is also a little fond of alpine cross-country skiing. Fancy getting it? then get in touch!many greetingsAndi

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