Sommer Winter

Piz Palü Tüdlü

Piz Palü Tüdlü

“The White Hell of Piz Palü” … A black-and-white silent film from the late 1920s once ensured the great fame of the mountain range around the Swiss Pontresina and St. Moritz. But if you have been to the home of the famous Biancogrates and the only 4000-m in the Eastern Alps, the Piz Bernina, you will remember this impressive glacier world even without a silent film classic. At the valley station of the Diavolezzabahn, the girls’ delegation met two intimidated Salzburg mountain guides, who in the beginning struggled to tame the Palü aspirantes who had not fallen on their mouths. But already at the Piz Trovat, the one-way climbing trail, the ice was broken with alternating grey showers and sunshine and the focus on mountaineering.Fortezza Grat and Marco e Rosa HütteAfter feudal dinner and a short night we walked in the sunrise under the Pillars of the Piz Palü in the direction of the Fortezza ridge, which was to lead us to the Italian Marco-E-Rosa hut that day. In the early afternoon we had the beautiful but wintry climbing behind us and enjoyed the foggy and stormy afternoon with promised cappuccino at the hut. Served and cared for by a pack of parade Italians, especially the ladies enjoyed courteous service. This only found its surprisingly unfriendly end when the screw cap of Hannes Camelback was opened. The nocturnal Biancograt returnees could not tear us out of sleep after one or the other glass vino rosso, which meant that we couldn’t pull us out of sleep. sleepy into the next day. At the spartan Italian biscuit breakfast, we tried to make the jausen supplies that we brought with us at least smaller. Unfortunately, we only partially succeeded in this. An estimated 400 grams of cheese per person want to be wiped out first. Piz Palü CrossingAt a wonderful sunrise, we went over Bellavista Terrace over the initial rock ridge to the first of the three Palü peaks. The easy climbing was overcome almost gracefully, but at least with gazelle-like elegance and thus actually only placed moral demands on the ladies. Soon the main summit was reached and the joy but also the astonishment was great. Amazed especially about the jogger, who walked by us in very cool temperatures in short running pants and jogging shoes. The subsequent descent through the tangle of columns was only slowed down by a brief hint of Kathrin’s snow blindness, but could be repelled by putting on a Breitling watch cap. At the back, it is not entirely clear whether the eye issue was not only the pretext for the Breitling cap – or even a hint of attention deficit syndrome. In the end, however, we have a flawless record: Super Tour in great weather and all healthy in the valley again. What more do you want? Thank you very much to the ladies who really went to their limits this weekend and got over it great. Great respect from Markus and me! Also fancy glaciers and ridges? Sign up!

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