Sommer Winter

Omnia casus fiunt – Everything is the work of chance …

Omnia casus fiunt - Everything is the work of chance ...

… The Latin and the ski-touring enthusiastic lawyer nods probably full approval after last weekend. Luck, on the other hand, is only needed with the weather at the random hut in Vinschgau. As long as the sun is laughing from the sky, the South Tyroleans serve a parade ski tour next to the other. And sun, we probably had enough of it in the last few days. Travelling to the farthest Martelltal is a day-filling affair for the Viennese but also Pinzgauer. The short hut access, princely entertainment by host Ulli, Vino Rosso and the famous Alpine glow, however, then contribute again to a relaxed end. Relatively early we set off on the first day of our excursion to enjoy the freshly fallen snow. The resourceful Alexander A. immediately shamelessly exploited the hustle and bustle of the early morning and the unfamiliar environment for his companions. To spare his own leg dress, he ripped Chris’s one-man jeans under the nail and proudly walked up with the flaming Rapidler’s brand new trousers. Thank God, the footballer’s attitude was stuck for the time being – the laughter was great and the foundation for an entertaining day laid. Towards the Veneziaspitze, we gained a wonderful overview of the great potential of the area. Impressive impressions of Ortler, Königsspitze and Cevedale made our hearts beat faster and gave us anticipation of the turns of the coming days. But the here and now – sunshine and powder snow – also wanted to be used. So we let it crash on the north-side slopes down towards the hut, where the sun deck and Weihenstephan’s finest was waiting for us. Unfortunately, the afternoon rest was then affected by a profane theft. The Sebastian’s skins were actually – according to his convincing statement: “… stolen from the pavement of my Schier AFTER departure.” After some astonished glances, we found out that the thief must have put the skins back in Sebastian’s backpack afterwards. The criminal made the crime look as if the Wastl himself had already packed them at the top of the ascent there. An extremely back-fought game was driven here and the good outcome was probably due to the legal routine in dealing with criminals. After the excitement of the first day, the tours towards Cevedale and Madritsch Spitze went quite harmoniously. Impressed not only by the panoramas … also from the battlefields of the First World War, which still shows its traces here with cannons and barbed wire. Impressive glacier slopes in the north and the finest firn on the sunny side made these days an overall experience from which we will eat for a long time. Three picture-book days finally came to an end with a super firn descent from the Madritsch Spitze and call for a new edition in 2019, perhaps in the far north of Norway?

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