Sommer Winter

of winter summary…..

of winter summary.....

of winter summary….. a tentative start with a strong finish…… Either way, winter 2014/15 can be packaged in one sentence. He would have started pretty well if anyone remembers it, last October week 2014, in total 1m m of fresh snow and perfect conditions at the Kitzsteinhorn. In fact, it also took this amount, which as surely everyone remembers, then unfortunately did not do much in the weather kitchen, but a little later. Every year, one would say almost traditionally, this winter also began for us again with the vocational training of the SBSSV at Kitzsteinhorn. And it was precisely with these that we benefited the entire training cycle from the above-mentioned snowfalls in October. The Alpine course in Obertauern always offers the end of the training period, but unfortunately not this year. This did not take place either for me or in Obertauern. Due to the lack of snow, we moved to the Mölltal valley, a worthy replacement and colleague Markus Bründl held up our flags. As far as I am concerned, I remained faithful to the Kitzsteinhorn, admittedly a little wistful. A little “season fatigue”, we started the actual season, which for the time being started more badly than right. Christmas more green than white and all-round trembling and anxiety. But winter kept what he promised and then it really started with the second week of Christmas from the beginning of January. And really right, untrue and no shit, as they say, for me this winter was one of the best seasons in a really long time. Not because of the meter-high snow, certainly not, but until the end of February I drove almost daily really snow. Maybe you noticed? In the previous story, the main actors were only two, meaning one is missing. Ah yes, the Gassner aka Andi, we haven’t seen him for quite a long time, at least not when hacking, powdering for it already. Apparently things are going pretty well in Canada or Alaska, he claims at least. And imagine, besides all the powder, he even thinks about the local, regional magazine scene. For someone from the advertising industry probably completely normal! We stayed at the end of February, powder at its finest and that quite often. With March, however, the training began again for us, Max stayed with the HIBlers mainly in the Glemmtal and trained there the alpine course for national teachers. For me, a real marathon began, Pitztal, Königsleiten and Glemmtal were called the stations. Admittedly, with a little pride I can tell you at this point that I am now one of the 3 nominees of the Salzburger Land in terms of alpine training up to the so-called ski guide training. Together with my colleagues and old Haudegen, Hirnböck and Angerer, from whom I will certainly continue to learn a great deal in the future. With April, the High Mountains became interesting again, which we had not really been looking for so far because of the poor snow cover structure this winter. The classic high-speed season was on the agenda and brought with it one or two local delicacies. Eager FB users have certainly seen some pictures. Yes, it’s so fast, April is over and summer has long since begun for us. Behind the scenes we are tinkering with some innovations of our homepage, the current summer programs are going online in a short time, the new summer flyers will soon be in your hands and we are already working in school sports again. If summer is only half as good as the past winter, then a pretty cool time is coming! With this in mind, we wish you all a beautiful, accident-free mountain summer 2015.Your mountain guides Zell – Kaprun,Andreas, Gerald, Markus

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