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Norway – Because we can!

Norway - Because we can!

Norway – Because we can! Ski tours in the Far North – Spontaneously in January, the idea arose to move this year’s ”Group-Shred” to the arctic parts of beautiful Norway, more precisely to the Lyngen Alps. Anyone who is now looking for motivated comrades-in-arms for this ski tour destination should be warned: the rush is excessive. In our case, participants had 11, according to the motto: ”Just don’t talk to others about it, otherwise they want to join in.” Logistically, it wasn’t a ”through”’ but the journey to the wintry latitudes of over 69° North was surprisingly entertaining. Last but not least, it is thanks to this hand-picked team, which was already prepared for one or the other exhilarating. After a short 18 hours of travel by plane, rental car and ferry, we were probably expecting a very warm welcome for the Norwegian. With two words of small talk followed by a short and unambiguous ”i’ve got other work to do …” the somewhat cool hostel father welcomed us and pointed us our way to a typical fisherman’s lodge in the extremely decelerated village of Spakenes. It quickly went into the horizontal, because on the first day of the tour, as you know, the course is set. We had already guessed in advance that the weather would not show itself from its chocolate side after the study of the weekly forecast. The numerous pictograms with grey clouds and precipitation had us plunder the liquor stocks of the duty-free shops as a precautionary measure at Munich Airport. As predicted, we started on the first day with a good portion of wet weather, which could not deter us. Determined, we went up towards ”Storhaugen”, which moved us to reverse about two-thirds of the way with hurricane-like storm and – to say the least – ”limited” view. However, this was to be seen as an absolute test of hardship, in fact this first afternoon on the local mountain of Spakenes was supposed to be the weather-technical low point of our week. Already later in the evening it began to clear up, the sun came out and that revealed what we had started this journey for. Sun and storm, powder and sulz, day and night, peace and effort – everything was incredibly close together this week and let us experience some really fantastic moments, which hardly any of this extraordinary tour group will soon forget. Thanks and recognition goes to the whole game for the culinary, sporting and comedic top performances, as well as the dear God for the fact that at the stairwell mattress-four-bob-tobogganing on the final evening both man, sports equipment and sports facility were spared from Blessuren! MEGA-TAKK, and maybe by next spring … Andi

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