Sommer Winter

Movement and encounter

Movement and encounter

Movement and encounter – At last they are the summer holidays! For us, this means a break from the school sports climbing courses and the students enjoy their well-deserved holidays. At this point we would like to thank all students and teachers who have participated in our climbing courses with full commitment over the last two months. Goodbye next September.All the best and see you soon! Holiday season, that means for us high-speed time. After 2 months of climbing courses we start the high season on the high mountains fully motivated. Varied activities are now before or behind us again. For a long time now, i have been in the Zillertal Alps again this year. In perfect weather and top conditions, I accompanied my regular guests to the Großer Möseler. Opposite the famous Hochfeiler Nordwand we stood alone at the summit and enjoyed the grandiose ambience. Many thanks to Christian and Susanne. From various individual guided tours we went on to a basic course in the field of glaciers. Organized by our colleagues the Tauernguides we took over the implementation. With a whole bunch of equipment and all the junk you need for a week on a hut, I checked into the Warnsdorfer Hut in the Krimml Aachental. Ernst Meschik, host at the hut for 25 years, warmly welcomed us and, as always, took great care of our physical well-being. In modest weather but perfect conditions on the glacier, we packed all the teaching content that our guests, 4 Italian students, need to carry out simple glacier tours on their own. Back from the KrimmlAachen Valley we went directly over the Felbertauern to the Grossglockner south side. Premiere in 2018! From the Lucknerhaus in Kals, my guest and I boarded a train directly to the summit. A great achievement, at least 1800Hm in one day and the young man is already a proud 65 years! The reward for this effort was a special experience, we reached the summit at 6 p.m. and were mother souls alone. Even in the descent, far and wide no man! Honestly, personally, I found it somehow “selfish” on this crowded mountain so completely alone!!! At eight o’clock in the evening at the hut the goulash soup tasted particularly good and satisfied we let the day end with a beer! After this intense time, it is time to pause, a.k.a to go climbing yourself. Except for a few days, already fully booked, I’m sure the summer goes on so perfectly we started it for us. With this in mind, I wish you all many beautiful and accident-free mountain days. See you soon,Gerald

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