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Mountain (guide) worlds

Mountain (guide) worlds

This news article tells you about an interesting day of filming with the film team of Servus TV at Großvenediger. But not only that, but rather to give you insights into the “mountain (guide) worlds”, on the one hand for a better understanding of the title of this article and on the other hand it is actually the encounters with the different people that make up our profession. And I will tell you about these now, but always beautiful in turn….. It all started as usual, with a question: “Wouldn’t you have time?” As always, information is in short supply, but I was rather sceptical about replacing our colleague Andreas Gassner, who is famous for radio and television ( not to be represented), because you know, nothing is for eternity and the world needs a new face! So it started, not uncharacteristically, picking up guests and getting to the Kürsinger Hut together. Only this time the guests were real greats, just known from film and television, among them a certain Simon Schwarz….. Already at the welcome I thought to myself: “Do I spin?”, I know! We comfortably climbed up towards the hut and had a real casual hoagascht and I was surprised if the down-to-earthness of my two companions, because to my consciously, stupidly asked question whether I should know him actually answered this, little surprisingly, with a lapidary “Naaa”. At the Kürsinger Hütte there was a good dinner and I got to know the rest of the film crew, consisting of: leading actor, screenwriter, director, cinematographer, tonman, drone pilot, 2 other helpers and 3 mountain guides. Again I was surprised, everyone knows the high-quality mountain world productions and you would like to produce something like this is more elaborate, also the whole film crew was extremely sympathetic. After the final meeting, we went to bed, but this time the alarm clock should ring at 3 o’clock instead of, as usual, at 4 o’clock….. Shoot! This time there were no more surprises, just as expected, standing around forever and waiting until everyone is ready. The ascent to the Großvenediger from its north side is notoriously long, but on that day it dragged itself like chewing gum. Not entirely innocent, the physical condition of the crew, felt like walking on an 8000, 20 meters, leaning on the sticks and gasping for air….. However, the always good mood of the whole team was astonishing and contagious! Just above the Venice ridge was finally over for me, for the summit it only needed Simon, a mountain guide and the drone or the guy who controls the thing remotely. In any case, my rope team, marked by the rigours, was not at all evil that we have to give up the summit. For me personally no drama, was already a few times up, but I found it somehow funny after endless hours not to have the summit within reach. What remains are really nice memories of encounters with different people and the hint to turn on Servus TV on 31.8. at 8.15 pm! See you soon,Gerald Kreuzberger

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