Sommer Winter

Kitzsteinhorn – Playground for adults!

Kitzsteinhorn - Playground for adults!

If it doesn’t work out the way – A long time ago I heard about our variant on the back of the Kitzsteinhorn and the spark jumped right away. By no means keen on too much sweat and honest ratcheting, the opportunity to use the climbing aids of the Kaprun glacier, which are available to Heauf, seemed more than wise from the beginning. Whether my two colleagues Hauni and Bernd from the Tyrolean lower lands started a little bit on this sunny Wednesday, but later in the day this small delay should not really matter at the beginning. At half past nine we finally sailed with the usual skier masses all over the kitz, in order to have to look for the abseiling hook, which had already been localized 2 weeks earlier, again. After a little digging and cursing I could still mount my rope and send the Bernd down as a test pilot as a precaution to see if that goes down anyway. In fact, it worked out – if only just like that – and we were finally able to mount the sports equipment with the freezing firn and the lack of a halfway flat place in ski-dress-enemy terrain. Who is looking for the find … The way forward was now reasonably clear. Halfway. The ”nice” gutter described to me, which was supposed to lead us to the actual start of our venture, was a little ”snow-poor” to say the least, and therefore not really an option for us at first. So we worked our way down this slope in search of alternatives, only to find that there were none. So again up and down through the eye of the needle, which separated us from beautiful skiing terrain. Now some time had moved into the country, the sun already high in the sky, which made us adapt our plans a little. But from now on it should go uphill. From the reached ridge we climbed in tropical temperatures towards Hoch Eiser and immediately drove off again a few hundred meters of altitude in the very finest powder snow into the Wurfkar. There fells again and up on the Scharkogel, which with its perfect north-facing untracked shoulder almost drove us into the eyes of the tears of stirring. But when it’s most beautiful, you should go on. So again 600 meters of altitude at felt 47 °C and already massively rationed drink up to the Kleetörl, which forms the transition into the Mühlbachtal. One last time ski-carrying and again perfect powder, huge slopes and no one on the way. Conclusion of the whole: ”Go easy by the hand” looks different from our excursion, but a manageable ascent of a sweaty 1100 meters of altitude and above all a descent of breathtaking 3300 meters of altitude in sensational powder compensate for one or the other Discomfort. Curious? Sign up!

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