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KING Ortler zappenduster

KING Ortler zappenduster

He has a big name, the KING ORTLER, which is also considered among loyal Tyroleans as the highest mountain of their homeland. Nevertheless, one should stick to the reality – South Tyrol is at least IN Italy, which not only brings disadvantages: Cafe, Pizza and Vino Rosso – to name just three striking arguments – always make a rise south of the Brenner a culinary experience. In addition, inspired by the view of the ”best pizza in the world” according to the advertising sign, we walked in the afternoon from Sulden towards Hintergrathütte at the foot of the eponymous Grates.Am starting the next morning in darkness, let us tackle it quite calmly. Not entirely voluntarily we gave up the headlamps for inconsiderable reasons and groped ourselves ”Andi-Holzer-moderate” over the flat moraine field until we reached the steep moraine field. It slowly began to dawn slightly, which was completely unnecessary in terms of our incredibly sharp senses and sensory sensitivity on the sole of the foot. Especially for the rest of the climbers, however, it was an advantage that the sun finally illuminated the path a little with a fantastic rise (see video below). The rest of the ridge was no problem for us and especially for the condition-heavy Alex, except for one or the other climbing test. This is blessed with a true horse nature and lives according to the only true training principle: ”Who trains, the BRAUCHTS!”. The descent over the normal route to the Payerhütte I then partly jogged behind Alex. The reason for this is his long legs, in which even a Nadja Auermann erbasst with envy or would feel like a short stump. After a tasty forest cyclist at the Payer Hut, we actually descended on foot to the valley – WITHOUT chairlift use, by fair means just. Sad Randnotitz: Due to this extra hour and in view of a colossal journey home to Vienna, we could not check the advertising sign ”Best Pizza in the world” for its correctness. A reason to come back! Who’s there??

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