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It’s a WRAP, that was BC 2017

It's a WRAP, that was BC 2017

For the third winter in a row, I spent this year in the ‘Supernatural British Columbia” … A region of this earth that I am convinced was designed by the great maker of heliskiing. Three winters now, in which I was able to get to know the whole spectrum.

The LOW Immediately my first season went into the annals of CMH as the worst year since the company existed (founded 1965!!!). This was not so much my fault, but rather the rain to high altitudes, snowy surface maturity and warm temperatures. Often the skiing pleasure was kept within modest limits. I pushed everything to El Nino – so the sea temperature off the coast of Chile … and returned a year later. I was not disappointed.

In season 15/16 all emotional wounds should be licked. More than 4 meters set snow cover, treeskiing from another star and quality combined with quantity, as a company rarely manages with its product. But if you think it’s not possible anymore (better), then comes from somewhere …

On holiday we all wish you nice weather. But if you go on a winter holiday, the whole thing gets a little more complicated. You need not only good weather, but also good snow AND high (snow blankets) stability. When the three things come together, you become part of something very special, something magical …

So I was allowed to experience this magic this season as a guide at CMH. Sunny days alternated with storm days, a rich portion of fresh snow, cool temperatures — “BLOWER POW, STELLAR CONDITIONS” as the Canadian says. Skiing wherever the heli can lean on at least parts of its outer surface, so that one can leave the vehicle …. Living and skiing in a commercial – just as I dream of it.

In summary, what else can I say that the pictures could not express much better. So here is a short cineastic recap and then I’m looking forward to the next adventures in Tignes, France and Lyngen, Norway. These are coming up in the next few weeks – still with the sliding woods – and I find that “truly AWESOME”.

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