Sommer Winter


Iceclimbing made easy!

Ever thought of climbing up a frozen waterfall? Sounds pretty rad … and after all, I got to say, it kinda is. Ice climbing for sure is one of the biggest adventures within all mountaineering disciplines. It’s cold, its wet, it’s steep and its freakin ICE. To move forward you use super pointy ice axes and on your shoes there are aggressive waterfall crampons. So this is for sure something you will be telling stories about to your grand children.

Your individual day starts at Euro 380,00 plus expenses, your half day starts at 270,00 plus expenses

Our offer for you

Ice climbing is more than good ice and good equipment, it requires experience, know-how and alpine competence in the wintry mountains. We will guide you safely through the ice. Interest? Then contact us now or inform you about our ice climbing course for beginners.

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