Really full speed… let us accompany you on your first steps in the high mountains. The Oberwalder Hütte in the Glockner area serves as our base, probably the best high alpine base in the entire Eastern Alps. Numerous practice areas in the snow, firn, rock and ice in the immediate vicinity of the hut. The glaciated peaks of the Glockner Group are waiting for our joint ascent.

Program – that’s what awaits you:

3 day high-speed workshop that teaches you all the basics of mountaineering. Equipment in full swing, go with and without crampons in the snow, ice and rock. Knot science, rope and safety technology on glaciers. Comrade rescue and self-rescue from a crevasse. Tour planning and orientation as well as an introduction to alpine first aid complete the full program.

Services – that’s what you get:

3 days guided tour by a state-certified mountain guide. The necessary high-speed equipment (helmet, hip strap, crampons and pimples) as well as the other equipment for securing are available free of charge.


  • no special prior knowledge required
  • average condition as well as good height compatibility
  • brings a lot of motivation

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Prices per person excl. Expenses

6 people – € 250,00
5 people – € 285,00
4 people – € 330,00
3 people – € 410,00
2 people – € 570,00
1 person – € 1050,00

Good to know:

  • maximum of 6 people
  • due to the hut reservation, registration for the workshop must be made one week before the start
  • Arrival and departure are not included in the price

3 days

by appointment

by appointment

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