Sommer Winter

Gorges du Verdon, rock climbing in the South of France

Gorges du Verdon, rock climbing in the South of France

Autumn is holiday time, at least for us mountain guides and every year we face the same problems: common appointment, impossible! Who has time and who doesn’t? Sport climbing or multi-rope lengths? Questions about questions, and above all this is the question of the WOHIN? This year our colleague M.M and my little one went on the trip, reduced to 2 people can quickly find answers to the above mentioned questions and a short time later we were already sitting in the car south. The weather forecast promises us a week of sunshine and after that it will probably get worse, look, as you know, the forecast is a week in advance rather to be enjoyed with caution. Full of motivation and drive we arrived after 12 hours of motorway in La Parlud du Verdon, already dark I could not have guessed from the ingenious surroundings, the more enthusiastic about the next day…… The weather god really means it well with us and so we climbed for a week, every day, new routes for us. From inclined plates, to the overhang, from the drip hole to the handle and from the grading to the crack, everything was there. Varied climbing in the best rock, heart what more do you want? Also nothing new is the fact that a nice time passes fastest, so the days passed and the announced bad weather actually came, even really thick! A fat low spread almost all over southern Europe, from Spain in the southwest to Bulgaria in the southeast there was only continuous rain, without the possibility of escape we were left only one, the journey home. With a heavy heart and even before our planned journey home we headed north and the closure of the Brenner Pass shortly after our crossing confirmed our decision. What remains is the memory of an ingenious climbing spot and the wistfulness that this holiday , like all the others, unfortunately, again was over far too quickly. Back home we wait for the winter and comfort ourselves in the warm temperatures with even more rock climbing.See you soon for snow,Gerald

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