Sommer Winter



Frozen! Get pulled up a waaarm! Winterly it went to the Kitzsteinhorn today and the fingers already showed the first signs of anticipation for the winter season by siking me with the finest oanogln! The High German technical term ”Oanogln” describes the unpleasant feeling when formerly cold fingers start to warm up again. The one who has experienced this before knows what I am writing about. Interestingly – I have researched – chronically cold fingers often stir from quote: ”… excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep or stress”. So be warned! However, as soon as this mind-boggling pain arises, a different sport comes to mind than skiing, in which this pain is an almost everyday companion: ice climbing! With the current temperatures, it can’t be long before the ice climbing season – or at least the dry-tooling season – finally starts. The following video by Mammut gives a quick foretaste. Recorded in the far north of Scandinavia, however, similarities to the Kapruner Sigmund-Thun-Klamm cannot be completely denied! So far so good, your ice machines and crampons, it can’t last long! GreetingsGeri, Max and Andi

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