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Facial Hair OFF. A Story about Beards in Canada

Facial Hair OFF. A Story about Beards in Canada

Powder, Beards and Heliskiing – What beards have to do with heliskiing probably doesn’t open up to everyone right away. That’s why these lines are meant to bring a little clarity to the turmoil and also provide the reader with a justification for my humble yet terrifying handle-bar mustache. When I left the safe domestic port this year to live the Canadian heliski dream for the fourth time, I did so with a plan. Already at the beginning of November I left my moustache to impress first my ski instructor colleagues at Kitz (easy) and later my Canadian lumberjack colleagues. The second was not so easy anymore. Wildfires, mushroom picking and tree planting make the classic Canadian ski guide quite difficult to deal with in the summer. And so I only got ridicule for my hipster beard and Hohn.So but I didn’t let it sit on me and came around the corner with a great idea: A “Facial Hair OFF” was supposed to separate the chaff from the wheat. Played among the bravest guides of CMH Kootenay.But not clumsy volume alone was allowed to decide victory or defeat. In addition to the obvious “Masculinityness” and “Ticklishness”, “Pornopeal” and “Street Cred” should also be used as criteria. As a part-time immigrant, I’m not quite sure that these words all actually exist. Canadian colleagues certainly do not count spelling among the essential core competencies. No matter, it is important that everyone immediately knows what is meant, word creation, spelling. The whole thing was finally evaluated by an expert jury of all the ladies present by chance, about 2 months after the proclamation of the sporting competition. Although it was of course a quite easy victory, I am a bit proud of the thing finally won. to have. Despite all efforts, the Canadian field of participants was punished for its arrogancity and relegated to the places. Protests and objections did not help either. Unheard calls suggesting Russia’s involvement in the election also went unheeded. In the end, all that remains is to say: A very successful winter for me, similar to Marcel – almost everything achieved. Aja, and skis and ice climbing we are too. Was MEGA, but you already know that by now. Greetings Andi

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