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Every year again “Hawararoas 4.0”

Every year again "Hawararoas 4.0"

Actually true the focus is strongly placed on Kalymnos one of the top Greek climbing islands. Unfortunately a bit limited on schedule (2 of the participants at least) had to make an evasive goal. Well, dodge target? But where is the big question. Everyone brought in their wishes, ideas and finally we thought why not go to Spain. Luckily there are people whose workplace is in front of the computer, since you can book flights, rental car, accommodation etc. by the way. (merci Stephan) The caddy packed with important and unimportant things went slightly adventurous towards Park and Fly to Munich. A big thank you goes to the 3 Navis who keep on board and to the good nose of the co-pilot. But now it should finally start, off to the check in, into the plane and take off. Some thought (scheisse while ma with car gfoahn) but thank God everyone arrived well in Barcelona. But at the check in the car rental desk it became exciting, what awaits us now? Booked e clearly the cheapest category. With an easily recognizable grin, the nice lady at the counter handed us the keys for our SMARTS. “Smart” just the cars!! Just stopped at a tank to buy the most important things for some Cervezas and Kippen. Then we went towards Siurana or to the small climbing village Cornudella. The next morning in slightly changeable weather conditions we went to the rock for the first time and what can you say simply Meeeega. The next days we always spent in different climbing gardens all a stone’s throw away from each other and one better than the other. After three days of climbing, climbing and climbing again, the skin on the fingers was gone and so a rest day had to be made, which of course was only used for resting…. The conglomerate area of Montsant was also on the to do list and was able to leave a lasting impression with hole climbing of the very finest. Yes not for nothing Siurana is one of the best areas in the world, we liked it super and SIURANA we will be back…. Now take advantage of the last good autumn days before it is called snow juchee again!! Greets Markus

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