Sommer Winter

El Ninho – the little schei**er!

El Ninho - the little schei**er!

One must be to blameEl Ninho, in Spanish something like the ‘little boy” is far more dangerous than this harmless name suggests. In this case, however, he is by no means a young aspiring and ambitious member of a Mexican-American gang from Los Angeles. This is about what really moves the skier: the SCHNEE!! A lot was done to me before my trip to Canada to CMH. The nerves lay bare with colleagues from overseas. Warm temperatures, rain to high altitude – the omens for a winter of fog and dejection – but not of solid precipitation – were favorable again. Immediately the El Ninho doll from the previous year were tried and very proactively quasi-pre-emption sacrificed. They just wanted to be early on and not put up the scarecrow when the ravens were already there. But then, suddenly, cautious optimism spread. The days got colder again, the snow was dry and the powder dusted us up again. All in all a successful start – ”best seasonstart ever” you can even hear one or the other munching with leisurely restraint. But what is going on in Europe? Is even the little Spaniard busy in the old world and gets everything mixed up in the weather kitchen? Probably quite far-fetched in the truest sense of the word, but someone has to get the blame. At the end of September, ”experts” are still predicting a cold and snowy winter in Europe due to the strongest El Ninho in 100 years. I don’t think I need to say a word about that any more. The fact is, it’s a strong El Ninho year, simply because of the definition of an El Ninho year. But how this affects the weather in Austria, Switzerland or British Columbia, probably only the bees in Saalfelden.In this sense I encourage all those who remain at home, ”hang in there buddy” as the canadier says. You only have to wait for it (as the Pinzgauer says). Oh yes, I can’t help but post a pair of nice photos. #sorryeurope

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