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Dolce Vita in Northern Norway – Lyngen Alps

Dolce Vita in Northern Norway - Lyngen Alps

Dolce Vita in Northern Norway – Lyngen Alps – What else should I say about these trips? Much has already been written at this point and superlativeefforts have been made … and yet the magic of the place is very difficult to put into words. Sure, the Lyngen Alps are a beautiful place, for the eye, definitely. But this is just one of the ingredients that make these trips very special. There are enough beautiful places in this world, not least we live in Zell am See in one such. Skiing at home is probably the best and most uncomplicated.

The difference on our VacanSKI trips, in my opinion, is something completely different. After a long and busy winter season can switch off, have time, do not have to organize anything, do not have to decide anything, just focus on yourself and today’s Ski tour focus … and possibly take a look into the breathtaking scenery … Put your legs up and adapt to the slow pace of northern Norway – hard enough for us stressed Central Europeans. But when you finally manage to do that on day 2 or 3, you’ve really arrived and you’re experiencing your holiday as intensely as rarely before.

The magic of the place reveals itself and everything is all at once quite simple. Every now and then, however, this tranquillity is disturbed and severely affected by all kinds of coincidences. Indeed, a Mr. K. confidently claimed that he “cooks the best spaghetti carbonara this world has ever seen.” For all my restraint and self-discipline, however, I could not let this affront stand – especially since everyone knows that only the “Carbonara a la Gerzilla” deserve this description. The subsequent cooking competition with blind tasting finally proved once again what everyone already knew and Mr. K. left the battlefield … Only to pay his betting debt, admittedly with his head held high.

What happened then lacked any aesthetics and even the beauty of the landscape could not distract from this sight. No one wanted to look at a head-on collision on the neighbouring lane, but no one could turn his eyes away. Too bizarre was the scene of a naked car stopper in ski boots and avalanche pieps on the roadside, a few hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Week April 12-19 I could still put some things here here. Stories of beaten salmon, ’95S Brunellos, (around) flying Dutchmen and table tennis tournaments in the early hours of the morning. But if you really want to capture the spirit of VacanSKI, you have to be out of the game and write your own story. With this in mind, until VACANSKI 2019 in the far north, sign up!

Week April 12-19

Week April 19-26

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