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Corsica – A (climbing) trip worth it!

Corsica - A (climbing) trip worth it!

Unbelievable how quickly time passes! At some point last winter, the question arose where the family holiday together should go. It is not always easy to reconcile all the wishes and ideas of all holidaymakers, certainly not with 3 children. It should be beautiful, warm, of course child-friendly, best play a sea to the sand and last but not least, at least from our point of view, there must also be rock for climbing. And I want to tell you a little bit about that… For insiders nothing new, Corsica offers fantastic rock for sport climbing and alpine climbing. Our focus this time should be on the latter, when the holiday was fixed, we borrowed climbing guides and talked to some acquaintances who have already climbed there. Listening out was always the same: horny, super rock, shitty accesses! Also the name Bavella Pass fell again….. So we set off, the steep, narrow mountain roads up towards Bavella Pass, the higher we came up the more impressive the ambience. Countless, steep granite needles, compact wall escapes interspersed with really cracks. And so we repeated some tours that a mountain guide colleague had recommended to us and in fact he had not promised us too much… As always when you have a good time, unfortunately it always passes too fast and we are back home and our everyday life has caught up with us again. What remains are the “impressions” of a nice climbing tip.See you soon,Gerald

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