Sommer Winter

Complaint to Mother Nature!

Complaint to Mother Nature!

Grad at the end of last week, when after a successful mountain bike tour in the Kitzbühler Alps in a nice restaurant called Wohnzimma in Piesendorf I overlooked the time a little. When I finally arrived late at home, it wasn’t far away with the maintenance of the material. The dirty and mud-sprayed sports equipment was simply shipped to the basement as it was. But that should take revenge … Less than a week later, cycling is no longer to be thought of. As I forced my way into our space-optimized basement in the morning, I was still annoyed that I got the ski suit dirty on the muddy bike. But not enough: not even the skis were waxed by the abrupt winter arrival, which in the wonderful Saalbach-Hinterglemm wanted to be duly swept away. But in the hustle and bustle of the first day of skiing and in this case also the first powder day of the season at the same time, the resentment was quickly forgotten. The western summit in the shady Hinterglemm was perfectly groomed in the best mountain attack manner: steep, windless, but beautifully narrow. Thus, the annoying run-up was at least to a minimum. After some bits of gimmicks and fascinating snow height measurements, we then conjured up the first hammer turns of the season in the local powder. The bottom line is that skiing is one of the nicer things on earth. For the sake of completeness, however, I would like to make my complaint despite the successful leisure time: Dear Mother Nature, at least give us the time to winter the summer produce properly or to get the winter equipment in shot. So this makes no sense and only causes unnecessary stress.

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