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Watzmann Eastface

Well known in the eastern part of the alps is this 2000 m high wall of almost vertical lime stone. When you ride the boat on Königsee to get to the bottom, which is a special experience itself, you sure feel a little intimidated by this massiv wall … and thats for a reason. This is the tour that claims the most victims in Germany, by far. The sheer length and exposure make it a very exciting adventure.

What’s to be expected:

  • Day 1: In the PM, we take the boat over the Königsee to the church of St. Bartholomä. If you dont want to climb the Ostwand, its not allowed to stay here. So thats why this super touristy spot dies out every evening, just to leave a handfull of climbers behind. Now its time to have one of those famous fish they serve there and a cool beer before going to bed.
  • Day 2: As always, early start and approach through the little valley for the start of the climb. After not even an hour we reach the bottom and will gear up. Harness, Helmet and rope are important. Not fast, but steadily we climb, meter after meter, chimney after slab after chimney, its endless … but never hard. Constantly playful, enjoyable climbing combined with mind blowing views. After 6-8 hours we reach the top and are looking into a long descent back to the car. A long day will come to an end and we sure are happy to have a cold beer after a big day like that. 12-16 hours.

What you get:

2 days of individual guiding by a certified IFMGA Mountain Guide, Rental of harness, helmet, Amazing days out in the high alpine, booking of huts and taxis, trip organisation


  • physical fitness to do 500 vertical meters per hour (ascent) necessary
  • physical fitness to climb up to 14 hours per day and 2000 vertical meters necessary
  • some rock climbing/scrambling experience necessary, up to grade UIAA II
  • hut and half board is not included in the price (approx. 30 Euros)

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Prices per person excl. Expenses

1 person – € 720,00

Good to know:

  • 1 guy max
  • Not included in the price are arrival and departure as well as the ascent and descent with the cable cars

2 days

Parking Wimbachbrücke, Raumsau

by agreement

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