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Climbing in the Malta Valley, a recommendation!

Climbing in the Malta Valley, a recommendation!

What started last year rather by chance with a climbing trip to Slovenia, continued this year. As always, the question of where to go was initially asked? It is amazing, so many climbing areas in the near and far, a stable weekend throughout the Eastern Alps and we knew until the time when all three of us were on the bus still not where the journey should take us. The three of us are Max, Marc and I. Many ideas arose and were discarded again, in the end the choice fell on the Malta Valley and in hindsight we had exactly the right smell. Arriving in the Malta Valley we got a topo for the region and were immediately surprised:Bouldern, Sport climbing, alpine sport climbing and real alpine tours in the glaciated terrain. The Malta Valley offers all this in the tightest of spaces, according to the motto: Why wander into the distance? Reachable by us in just under 2.5 hours, awesome! We were pleasantly surprised not only by the perfect climbing but also by the good infrastructure. Short access to the climbing areas, Dixie Klos at the various climbing gardens and a totally relaxed atmosphere for camping. All around, all perfect ingredients for a really cool climbing – short trip. It will probably not be long before the Malta Valley sees us again, not only in the summer. Ice climbing at its finest is also offered there. If you feel like it now, grab your climbing equipment and set off; From light to heavy, long to short, for beginners or hardmovers, for alpinists or boulderers, the Malta Valley really offers something for every taste.See you soon,Gerald

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