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Climbing in Brazil

Climbing in Brazil

Climbing in Brazil – Samba de Granit! So, at the end of August it was time and the big holiday was coming! First it should go to the Brazilian south, more precisely to the island of Florianopolis, about an hour’s flight south of Sao Paulo, and later to the – it is said – most beautiful city in the world, to Rio de Janeiro.12, 16 or 20 hours later – who can do that at the time difference To be precise – we had already landed in Florianopolis and full of drive and anticipation, what this island has to offer in winter. Surprisingly, there was no snow at all, so we limited ourselves to hikes along the coasts to find one picture book beach after the next. Eventually, however, we found what we were looking for and practiced in the discipline of sandboarding on the local sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-sand-son. In the absence of a lift, however, the legs quickly got tired in the deep sand and the hurricane-like wind also contributed to the fact that we decided to do winter sports only on the medium of snow. On we went towards our next stop, Rio de Janeiro. The ambitious goal of our city trip was not to climb the classic sights of the city, namely the Corcovado with Christ statue and the Sugarloaf Mountain, but to climb them. In the end, both the Sugarloaf And the Corcovado are nothing more than massive granite cones that stand vertically upwards in the middle of this metropolis. Right on the first day, such beautiful weather was announced, which is why we didn’t let any time pass and immediately buttoned up the statue of Christ. First following the tourist trampoline paths we soon left the path and made our way across a wooded path to the entrance. Magnificent climbing then led over 200 m through cracks, gradings and handleless plates directly under the Christ the Redeemer statue to the viewing platform. Incredible tranquility and fantastic views made this climb a real pleasure. Far too quickly we had overcome the difficulties and jumped over the railing onto the platform, where the hordes of tourists were already waiting for us and the loneliness suddenly turned into massive fear of space. Totally satisfied with this first day in the big city we were already planning the more demanding tour to the Sugarloaf Mountain, which was even more spectacular in terms of line and exposure. Directly under the cable car known from a James Bond film we boarded the climb the next day and followed the compact rock in direct line to the mountain station, where we were once again welcomed by an astonished tourist audience. We were rewarded for the hardships on the one hand by the Brazilian mountain railway with a free downhill ride (where is there such a thing??) and by ourselves with two excellent bottles of Brazilian barley juice in the valley! This is a holiday. The next days were a bit more comfortable, the beach of Ipanema was not too demanding in terms of climbing and the weather finally showed a somewhat more uncomfortable side. Still, it’s a great thing if you can reconcile hobby and sightseeing so wonderfully. Imitators are encouraged at this point! So far so good, many greetings Andi

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