Sommer Winter

BC – Country of Rainbows and Unicorns

BC - Country of Rainbows and Unicorns

While the European winter falls a little short of his expectations, the Canadian species relative is giving in to his exuberant side. Snowfall, sunshine and stable avalanche conditions made the North American winter shine like the golden silver chest.

When I say ”Rainbows and Unicorns” this year it has to do with two things, namely fresh snow and stability. Indeed, the Canadian West was far removed from the US rainfall, which has taken on almost biblical proportions in recent weeks. Nevertheless, a steady stream of moisture and precipitation arrived in British Columbia at very fresh temperatures. This ensured almost constant perfect snow conditions from the beginning of December to The Dato.

Secondly, regular new snow growth in relatively similar environmental conditions leads to a fairly homogeneous snow cover. Before all this becomes too scientific, I try it this way: This year’ multi-storey cream cuts seem more like the simple cheese cream: Hardly massive layer boundaries and differences … If you turn it on and dig down the 2.8 meters to the ground. (Work SUCKS!)

What remains is a fast-skier recap of this still young season: ”OH MY GOD!” … and a small view of what’s to come: At the end of March we go back to beautiful Austria and – spring has rarely disappoints the last years. Look forward to some ski tours in the local, French and Norwegian Alps!

Greetings Andi

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