Sommer Winter

Attention avalanche!

Attention avalanche!

Freeriding, fully on trend! At the tender age of 12 Years I took my first steps off piste in the terrain. Today, looking back after 25 years, I sometimes think I’ve had “quite a lot of luck.” How would I have liked someone to bring you closer to the first turns in the powder as safely as possible! This idea is the reason for our cooperation with the NMS in Kaprun, because it is not a question of banning or even spreading fear. On the contrary, raising awareness of the dangers off-piste is our common goal. It’s obvious to “pick up” the kids at that exact age at school. It started with a theory unit in the school. A PPP, rich in pictures and adorned with many videos about the basics. These ranged from obtaining the LLB to interpret its contents to preparing and carrying out a day off. Afterwards, a station operation with 3 stations was on the program. The boys and girls were enthusiastically introduced by us to the LVS search. Coarse search, fine search and point location, thanks to modern 3 antennas devices, are quick to learn and so there was even some time to train multiple spills. The right shovel technique is of course also important, in another station various techniques for efficient shoveling were trained. A V-shaped snow conveyor belt proved to be not so easy and several shovels full of snow landed in various faces. Unearthed! But what now? To store an accident in the best possible way and to protect him from further cooling, from our point of view, besides the simplest first aid measures, the most important thing, was brought closer to the students in another station. A probe profile as well as a probe chain should also train the correct handling of the probe and complete the entire program. Finally, we would like to thank the management of the NMS – Kaprun, all participating teachers and students for the really, very good cooperation. A big thank you also to Andreas Waltl, from the mountain rescue Fusch, who supported us again as last year. Last but not least, many thanks also to Markus Bründl, who also made himself available free of charge in the service of the cause. See you soon and stay “above,”Gerald

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