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Adventure “Mountain”

Adventure "Mountain"

How can mountain sports be integrated into school sports? In response to this question, the project Adventure “Berg” was developed a few years ago in cooperation with the HTL St. Pölten and the Club Kitsteinhorn in Zell am See – Schüttdorf. The aim was to pack mountain sports as multifaceted as possible and action loaded in order to convey to the students on the one hand natural beauty, knowledge about our mountains as well as fun and thrills. This has resulted in a varied week, which gradually builds up from light to heavy and from the known to the unknown. The students experience climbing with rope, climbing in the vicinity of the valley as well as in the mountains and high tours with pimples and crampons. All the more beautiful if the weather plays along as perfectly as this week….. The highlight for the students this year was the ascent of a 3000-m. Coming from the lowlands, of course, you don’t experience a day from glaciers up close and so it’s something very special to go on bare ice or jump over crevasses. The effort becomes quite a side issue….. We would like to thank Mr. Wieser Franz very much, through whose commitment this project came about and wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement. A special thanks goes to the curious students, “Thank you” for getting involved in the “mountain” as well as the Family Pecile from Club Kitzsteinhorn for their flexibility. Hopefully a reunion next year,Gerald

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